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  • let's post an ad of my trip (explaining where i'll go and maybe the products i can bring back)
  • maybe someone will ask me to bring back something i didn't think of
  • I received a message from John asking me to get him a kimono
  • OK i agree with the offer he made, I just received a confirmation that he made the payment, so i can buy the kimono
  • Now that i'm back from my trip i can deliver the product.. or just send it by postmail
  • John confirmed the delivery on westork, i am going to be refunded and get my bonus



  • Hey, i saw a trip ad of a guy who is going soon to Japan ! (I've wished to get a real Kimono from japan for such a long time !)
  • "Hello Sam, could you please get me a red kimono with flowers size L ? i know they have some in Tokyo and Kyoto, i can offer you 150€ (bonus included). I don't live next to your hometown, so maybe that would be easier to ship it once you are back from your trip. would that work ?"
  • Great ! Sam accepted my request, let's make the payment to be sure he'll get this Komono for me. 
  • Cool ! i just received the kimono, it's exactly what i wanted, thank you so much Sam !
  • I connect on Westork and confirm the delivery so that Sam get refunded and paid for his bonus.