Many of us have friends, relatives, who travel regularly and bring back products or souvenirs from the countries they visit to their family. Why not giving access to this service to everyone ? This is why we created Westork.


Westork is a crowdshipping plateform enabling travelers and people interested by unique items from abroad to connect. Westork proposes to travelers to bring back specific objects, souvenirs from their trip and get to earn extra money for this service, thus reducing their travel costs.


Halfway between concept of carpooling and the community of Couchsurfing, Westork is a way to meet new people who might share the same interests as you do, it’s also a way to meet locals from different cultures that might  bring you a lot through exchanging experiences. We hope this is the way you will enjoy and experiment Westork.


Be the first to participate to the pre-launch of Westork, post your travel ad, give us your feedback, your opinion is important to help us improve our platform.