When bringing back objects or products from abroad you may have to make a declaration to the customs and pay taxes.In order to avoid any annoyance when crossing the border, we suggest to ask yourself the following questions.


  • Are you traveling within the European Union or within another Free trade zone ?

Each continent has its free trade agreements (EU zone: free movement ALE, America: NAFTA, Asia: ASEAN, Africa: TFTA, etc).
These rules prevail over the countries ‘rules (Departure / Arrival), if they are part of the free trade zone, this means that you are not subject to the payment of taxes on the products you carry. On the other hand, if you travel outside this zone, then the customs duties of the country takes over.

Ex : If you travel within the EU, there is no limit on the amount or value of goods you may import, providing your goods are for personal consumption. Goods imported for commercial purposes are subject to duty.


  • Are you traveling outside one of the Free trade zone ?

If you are coming back in France after a trip in a country that is not part of the European Union, you will have to comply with the custom regulations of France.

In France, and in all countries of the EU, the duty free allowance is set at 430€, meaning that you don’t have to declare and pay taxes as long as the total value of the objects you carry is not higher than 430 euros. If the total amount is higher, you will have to declare your goods and pay the customs and taxes accordingly.

We highly encourage you to check the customs website of the country before accepting any order. You can also check on this website which gives the customs allowances for most countries

If the value of the good is higher than the customs allowance, you will have to pay customs duties. This has to be discussed with the buyer BEFORE the confirmation of the order. These customs duties should be added to the total amount of the order. Unless the buyer reimburses you for these costs at the time you return the item, Westork will not be able to refund you for these unanticipated expenses.



  • Is the object ordered free for import ?

You will find below quite an exhaustive list of prohibited items for import. But remember that some countries have stricter rules regarding what you can bring and what you cannot.

To make sure the object is free for import, type on Google “Prohibited items Import” + [name of the country], most of the time the first link will be the customs website of the country which will give you all information needed.



For the safety of its users, The following items are prohibited on Westork :

  • Illegal drugs, narcotic drugs
  • Counterfeit items.
  • Offensive weapons, ammunition, firearms, knives
  • Self-defence sprays, eg pepper spray and CS gas
  • Endangered animal and plant species
  • Rough diamonds
  • Fireworks
  • Indecent and obscene materials
  •  goods infringing intellectual property rights, trademarks, copyright
  • Items used to manufacture illegal explosives or controlled substances.
  • Items containing hazardous substances or pesticides.



  • Check that the good is not banned for import
  • In case of control, keep al proof of payment
  • Check the customs duty allowances of the country of import and for more simplicity do not exceed the limit