Here is how it all began.

I’ve had this dream to go to Kenya for a very long time. Safari, meeting with the big 5, prestigious mountains and lakes, discovering Masaï villages. That was the trip of a lifetime.

While preparing this trip, my family and friends felt excited for us but also started considering the opportunities the trip offered them…I was suddenly overwhelmed by various demands to bring back objects from my trip.



The day before we left, 6 relatives gave me 50€ each to bring back an authentic local souvenir.

we went for a safari tour in the Tsavo and headed to Mombassa. That is where I could find the objects so much desired by my loved ones.
While visiting the area, we met various local artisans who produced unique objects in front of us.

During the trip we ended up in an authentic Masaï village lost in the middle of nowhere. We started chatting and eventually spent the whole afternoon with them. That was a unique opportunity to ask them if we could buy them some of their day-to day effects. I acquired a wooden lance shield and its javelin from the Masaï warrior and a kind of scepter that the Village chief himself use to have.        



We also met with a local painter realizing for us canvas on demand.

By the end of our trip, I had gathered authentic souvenirs for us but also for my relatives at a local and fair price.

Once home, I met my relatives and gave them the objects they had asked for. When giving them the change back, they all offered me to keep it, considering that they acquired a very unique object for a very reasonable price. The service I offered them really worth it.

I had collected 300€ before I left to Kenya, when I got back and after I gave the objects to my relatives I had 150€ left in my pocket… as a bonus for the service I offered them

We all experienced or had the opportunity to experience this with our family or relatives.

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