Westork, Let the adventure begin


The origins

 « After a trip to Kenya where 6 of my relatives asked me to bring them back a souvenir, I thought that everyone should have the possibility to enjoy products from abroad without traveling. Thus, the idea of Westork was born. This is the service proposed by the community of travelers that increases day by day on Westork »

                                                                                                                                 Halim Seffih


Westork is a collaborative plateform enabling travelers and people interested by a unique item from abroad to connect. Westork proposes to travelers to bring back specific items, souvenirs from their trip and get to earn extra money for this service. That also gives the possibility to meet amazing people during the traveler's trip.

The offer can be extensive : from cuban cigars, to amethyst from Bolivia, or Japanese anime figures to white sand from a Tahitian beach, Westork helps to connect with travelers to get the object of your dreams.


Our mission

Our mission is not only to create a community of shoppers and travelers who will help each other through getting items available only in certain places. Westork is also a way to meet new people who might share the same interests as you do, it’s also a way to meet locals from different cultures that might  bring you a lot through exchanging experiences and other way of life.  We hope this is the way you will enjoy and experiment Westork.


The team

Halim Seffih: Founder and CEO

Yannick Arnaud: co-founder and Shareholder